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FREE Sales Funnels from Russell Brunson

Get Russell Brunsons 3 Favourite Sales Funnels for FREE Here!


Russell Brunson has given me permission to give you his top 3 best selling sales funnels for free that are responsible for over 95% of his revenue, which is more than $100,000,000 as of 2018.

FREE Supplement Sales Funnel

The first funnel is the famous supplement funnel he created for neurocel that went on to do over $17,000 PER day, using this exact funnel he is handing you for free today.

So if you are currently in the process of launching your own supplement or even your own eCommerce brand then this free sales funnel is ideaL for you as it will give you the framework you can model to increase the cart value of your customers.

All the split-testing has already been done which means you will save $1000’s testing. He has sent millions of visitors through this funnel and tested every aspect and built the perfect supplement funnel that spits out more money than you spend on advertising.

FREE Best Selling Book Funnel

Chances are, if you are interested in building and marketing sales funnels and you follow several of the industry leading online marketers then you may have already been through his best selling book funnel.

This exact same best selling book funnel that you can get for free today is the exact same one Russell uses to give away copies of DotComSecrets and Expert Secrets. He has given away over 200,000 of his books which is a monumental achievement.

The best thing about this funnel is the fact that Russell generates around $60 for ever person who requests a free book! How is that possible?

This is made possible due to the next steps within the sales funnel such as order form bumps and several upsells that are presented after the person has requested the free book plus shipping.

If you are thinking about or currently launching your next book, why don’t you model your promotion on Russell’s success. Give your book away for free plus shipping, then offer order form bumps and upsells to get more revenue.

You can get the exact same best selling book funnel Russell uses and can have this setup within just a couple of hours, ready to promote, WITHOUT any technical skills, which is awesome.

FREE High Ticket Coaching/Consulting Funnel

If you follow Russell Brunson as much as I do then you know he always explains in his training that the fortune is not only in the followup, but in the back-end of your sales funnel.

The reason why Russell can outspend his competitors when it comes to paying for traffic is the fact that his value ladder is stacked to the rafters with a mixture of low, middle and high ticket products and services.

At the highest end of Russell’s services, such as his inner circle, you can expect to pay around $25,000 all the way up to his $1,000,000 consulting services where he will personally build and market your sales funnels and take a percentage of sales until you have paid him $1 million.

When you get a copy of Russell’s high ticket funnel, you can ascend your existing customers into your own high ticket coaching programs or consulting services, where the real big money is made by the most successful online marketers.


If you are an entrepreneur that is just getting started or you already have a successful business and want to take your revenue to the next level then you don’t have to re-invent the wheel…

All you have to do is learn from an expert who has already achieved what you want to achieve, you then model their sales process, transplant that into your own business and then hit the ground running, even without any tech skills.

Get Russell Brunsons 3 Favourite Sales Funnels for FREE Here!