Is it worth buying a water filter jug?

Are water filter jugs worth buying in the first place or is this just some fad that will fizzle out, or is their any science behind the need to filter your water that comes out of the tap? Let’s take a look…

There are a few reasons why you would be searching this question, but the main reason is, you want to improve the quality of your tap water and are wondering if a water filter jug will achieve that.

The simple truth is, if they did not work, first of all no one would buy them and secondly, they would not be allowed to be sold on the major shopping channels if they did not do what they promised.

So if you are asking the following question: “Is it worth buying a water filter jug?”

The straight answer to your question is YES.

They DO really work and the manufacturers spend a ton of time and resources on constantly improving their water filtration technology.

This means they are getting better and better at filtering water, as time goes on.

Manufacturers would not spend their time and money on developing these types of products if they did not deliver the results they claim.

BRITA in fact have proven this by recently upgrading their MAXTRA+ filter with 25% finer mesh, this means their water filter jugs, which are currently the leading suppliers, are now even better due to constant development.

Although it’s safe to say that not all water filter jugs are created equal and they all have pros and cons, so it’s always best that you do some research on the best jugs that filter tap water before you buy one for yourself.

Some simply reduce the hardness of the water by filtering out limescale, chlorine and metals, while more advanced filters will also add some goodness back into the water you filter such as antioxidants.

The prices of the best water filters jugs can fluctuate from the very basic products which can be bought for less than £10, while more advanced water filtration jugs can cost upwards of £50.

The cost of the water filter jugs will depend on the brand you decide to go with (BRITA is the leading brand and one we recommend), the filtered water capacity and the quality and life of the filters in the jug.

You need to also be aware that when you buy a product like this, the initial purchase is not the end of it, as the filters themselves do have an expiry which is usually 30 days before they need changing and some do have up to 60 days depending on the product.

It’s hard to say how long the water filters will last in the product you use as the life of your specific water filter will depend on how much water you run through the jug and how hard your water is in your area.

However, you can get replacement filters very easily and don’t cost a fortune. Some cheaper filters can also be purchased which do fit the leading brands, so you can save even more if that’s an issue.

Our team has spent a considerable amount of time and resources on thoroughly testing a range of the best selling water filter jugs in order to bring the public a list of products that actually work as advertised and are worth the money.

Aden Clark – Household Reviews

You will save a considerable amount of money compared to buying bottled water from the supermarket, in fact it works out at just a few pence per litre of water when using a filter jug.

Not only will you save money compared to buying bottled water, you will also reduce the amount of carbon emmissions caused to created the bottled water in the first place.

The POSITIVE environmental impact it has, is one of the main reasons why people choose to buy a water filter jug, rather than buying bottled water from the supermarket.

It’s scientifically proven that water filter jugs do really work and help to reduce chlorine, limescale, metals, herbicides, pesticides amongst other things which is not only healthier for your body, but makes the water taste much better.

If you cook with water a lot, such as when cooking rice or pasta, use filter water from your jug to make it taste better too and to reduce limescale build up on your pans.

The same goes for tea and coffee, which most of us drink several times throughout the day.

Use filtered water from your jug within your kettle to improve the taste of your brew and to also reduce the limescale build, which helps your kettle live longer.

Does a BRITA filter remove limescale?

Does a BRITA filter remove limescale?

The short answer to this question is no. The BRITA water filter does not actually remove limescale from your standard tap water 100%.

Although the ION exchange pearls found inside the BRITA Maxtra+ water filters that are found in all of the latest BRITA water filters, help to reduce limescale significantly.

This not only improves the taste of standard tap water, the taste and aroma of coffee, tea and the food you cook it with, but also helps to reduce limescale buildup on your appliances.

So if you use water that’s been filtered through a BRITA water filter, you will find less limescale buildup on your kettle, iron, coffee machine, pots and pans.


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