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If you are searching for Atlanta SEO, then I will assume that you have a business in Atlanta and you want to generate more leads, phone calls and customers for your business by attaining better online exposure within the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing.

In all fairness, SEO for business owners within Atlanta, is just as complicated and competitive as it is for any other state, country or city, as every smart business owner is aiming to be the number 1 spot on the search engines, when people in Atlanta search for their products or services on ALL devices.

Now as complicated as it may be to attain the coveted #1 spot on search, here is a few tips that will help you improve your chances of moving up the rankings for keywords that will drive actual customers for your business:

Keyword Research: Before you start an SEO campaign, you first need to know what people are actually searching to find your products or services and you also need to keep in mind that people who are local to your business, may search different keywords that include their location.

There is a few ways that you can figure out which keywords you should focus on such as using the Google keyword planner, typing in your service and location in Google itself and looking at related keywords at the bottom of each page or by outsourcing this to a reputable Atlanta SEO Company.

On-Page SEO: Now you know what your potential customers are searching for the services you provide, now it’s time to optimize the actual content on your website, so the search engines can determine what your business is most related to.

It’s always a great idea to add as much content about your products and services as possible as websites with more in-depth content always seem to rank higher than sites with small amounts of content, so the more content the better.

Adding your main keywords within your meta title, meta description, heading tags and alt tags will further improve the overall relevancy of your website for your main keywords and by adding additional secondary keywords and long tail keywords that are closely related to your main ones will help to diversify what you will be able to rank for.

Off-Page SEO: Once your website is fully optimized for your target keywords, it’s now time to move on to one of the most important aspects of an SEO campaign and one of the largest reasons why websites in any market rank higher in search results, this is known as link building.

Although there is a ton of controversy surrounding this, you need high quality links from websites that are relevant to your industry in order to improve your rankings. One way this can be achieved would be to guest post on industry related blogs and link to your website within the article.

This type of link is especially powerful as the website where the content is placed will already have authority within the major search engines for topics related to your industry and when they link to you, a portion of this authority is transferred to you, which in turn, improves your own rankings.

As simple as the above sounds, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye and if you go this alone, you could get things really wrong and even end up with your website been de-indexed from the search results, so it’s always a great idea to speak with an expert on this subject before you launch a campaign.

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